August 2016 - June 2017

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Informational webinars | May 4th @ 4-5:30pm PST/6-7:30pm CST/7-8:30pm EST
& May 5 @ 5:30-7pm PST/7:30-9pm CST/8:30-10pm EST | RSVP HERE

About the Initiative

The Black Land and Liberation Initiative is a vision, strategy and training program grounded in Black liberation and anchored by Black leadership. This Initiative aims to develop a larger political project of launching a trans-local, Black-led land reclamation and reparations initiative co-created by the participants. Through shared study, work, and assessment of the current conditions in the United States and around the world, we will develop bold new strategies for confronting systemic power.

Our program seeks to implement experimentation and practice alongside theory in order to create strategies that are accessible to and adoptable by our people. We don’t just “train” or “teach;” we build together through applied inquiry. Our strategy sessions will be focused on a combination of analysis and hard-skills. They will be rooted inclusivity of our cultures, and appreciation of our ancestry.


About the Training

The Initiative is a collaboration anchored by BlackOUT Collective, Movement Generation: Justice and Ecology Project and Bertha School of Activism at The Watershed Center. In addition to our core training/facilitation team, we will draw on the wisdom and leadership of the participants as well as movement folks from outside our organizations who have critical contributions to make to our shared inquiry. We will root the program in exploring and understanding the following principles:

  • Black Liberation
  • Land Reform and Reparations
  • Deep Economic Democracy
  • Ecological Integrity
  • Hard Skills in Land-Based Work (including Horticulture and Afroecology)


Here’s What You Need to Know:

The program will span from August 2016 - June 2017 and includes:

BLLI is comprised of three components -- national convenings, regional convenings, and direct action.

There are 2 national convenings. These will be held in August and February at the Watershed Center, in Upstate New York.

The third component of the initiative is direct action. Participants will engage in actions on MLK Day 2017 and the initiative will culminate in a national call to action in June 2017.

In addition to these dates, we will have webinars, check-ins, and other co-learning opportunities.

In addition to the National Convenings, there will also be 2 sets of 3-day regional convenings - one in October 2016 and one in April 2017. Participants are expected to attend and play a leadership role in the convening closest to their home community. These regional convenings are an opportunity for participants to bring their learnings from the program to their movement community.

National Convening #1 - August 13-20, 2016

Saturdays are travel days.

Regional Gathering #1 - October 8-10, 2016 or October 21-23, 2016

Participants attend only one of the two weekends based on location.

National Convening # 2 - February 4-11, 2017

Saturdays are travel days.

Regional Gathering #2 - April 7-9, 2017 or April 21-23, 2017

Participants attend only one of the two weekends based on location.

Additional regional and local support - as needed in May 2017

Reclaim MLK Weekend January 14-16, 2017

Local actions, designed and framed together.

National Call to Action - June 2017

Local actions, designed and framed together.


We are now accepting applications. We are looking for people who know that the systems that operate in this country are killing us. We are looking for people that believe that our collective power is the answer to create a world in which we don't only survive but thrive. We are looking for people who are interested in building out a collective vision for the sake of our liberation. And lastly we are looking for people with a deep commitment and love for our community. We intend to build deep community during this initiative as well as create a space where we bring our whole selves, full of magic and joy.

We are seeking Black organizers from key strategic locations across the country. All participants must also be able to commit to the full program (all dates) All participants must be connected to formations who are politically aligned with the broader vision of BLLI. Travel, food, lodging and convening costs will be provided in recognition of the intensive commitment we are asking everyone to make. We believe this will be a deeply transformative process.